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My name's Marina.
I`m the head teacher of Perfect Education Co-op and this is my site. If you want to learn more about me, please watch the video.
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About us

NoBadEnglish.com is a part of Perfect Education Co-op.
Perfect Education Co-op is an online language school, that grew naturally starting from 2008.

Throughout so many years we've helped over 900 students to achieve their ambition, whether it is improving English for work, English for travelling, special English or Exam English.

  • 900 students
  • 11 years of experience
Ngoc An
Business English – lessons
I'm writing to say thank you for our lessons. My grammar and vocab are so much better now. You answer all my questions, it's amazing. I wish you all the best and look forward to learning more from your Instagram.
Succsess story: English for work
General English – lessons
Thank you! NoBadEnglish helped me improve my English a lot. During the lessons we learn, speak and have fun!
Succsess story: English for school
General English – lessons
I've been studying in this school for almost two years, 3 hours a week. Very proactive approach. The lessons are always fascinating.
Succsess story: immigration
IELTS prep – lessons
Whatever difficulties I encountered while learning English, after a half a year I forgot about stumbling blocks. Marina is a great teacher with solid experience. She helped me understand grammar and vocabulary. All explanations are logical and easy to understand. Whats more, she loves questions. Definitely recommend!!!
Succsess story: Academic IELTS
General English – lessons
These lessons are perfect for busy people like me. I normally have one or two lessons per week. Always lots of speaking. I was scared to speak before I started my lessons with Marina. Now it's so easy and I can speak to my business partners too!
Succsess story: English for work and travel
General English – lessons
When I started my lessons, I knew only several words in English. I couldn't speak at all. My school English teacher was boring, so I really didn't want to do extra lessons at first. But Marina and her team are very interesting to have conversations with. Little by little and now I feel confident to speak English when I travel. Also I passed my school English exam. I was the best in my region for English Olympic. Thank you so much!
Succsess story: English for school and travel
Speaking lessons – lessons
Thank you for interesting and helpful lessons. I enjoy very much. Learning English with you is easy and fun. I wish I had found you earlier.
Succsess story: English for general purposes
Speaking lessons – lessons
I'm an English teacher myself. I started lessons in order to practice speaking. I learnt so many interesting expressions and idioms. Even though I thought my English was really good, C1, I learnt something every lesson. Thank you for this!
Succsess story: Speak like a native
IELTS prep – lessons
I liked the school. I learnt here a lot of new things. I can happily recommend it to my friends who want to improve their English. The lessons were interesting and helpful. I passed my IELTS and can't be happier.
Succsess story: IELTS Academic
Speaking lessons – lessons
I like learning English with this school. All lessons are interesting and personalised. I can speak about anything and my teacher supports the conversation. Marina tells me about useful vocabulary and expressions to make my English sound more natural. She is a professional teacher.
Succsess story: English for travel
General English – lessons
I enjoy every lesson. It`s not only words and grammar. I learn a lot about culture too.
Succsess story: immigration
Speaking lessons – lessons
Best school ever! I tried so many teachers before, but Marina is perfect! I was able to improve my English to a large degree. I'm truly grateful to my teacher.
Succsess story: English for travel
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Watch my typical lessons
Watch what happens during the first lesson
This is an overview of a typical general English lesson. Your lesson will be different.
This is an overview of a typical IELTS lesson. Your lesson will be different.
Questions and Answers
What can I expect from a first lesson?
We will start by getting to know each other a little and you will tell me what your goals are for learning English. You will take a standard English level test. I will also evaluate your pronunciation, speaking and listening skills. based on this information I will suggest a course plan which we will discuss. I welcome your propositions. Then we will decide on the timetable that fits your lifestyle. I will give you advice on improvement and answer all your questions about the course or how I teach.
How many lessons do I need a week?
After the test, I will give a suggestion of how many hours of lessons and homework you will need to do a week. However these are recommendations and you can book as many lessons as you would like.
What happens after the payment through the website?
After receiving your payment through the website, I will get a notification. I will then send you an email with instructions or if you have booked a lesson, I will give you slots for when we can arrange your first lesson.
Can I cancel or reschedule my lessons?
I'd like to encourage you not to cancel your lessons because it affects your motivation. You can reschedule your lessons to a different day. If you notify me about rescheduling for at least 24 hours ahead, you will not be charged. However you will be charged if you notify within less than 24 hours before the lesson is booked.* *Exceptional circumstances such as sudden illness or death of relatives. Proof should be provided.
Where can I have my lessons from?
You can take your lessons from any place in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection. Lost of my students take their lessons during their holidays or while they travel for their business. You can even have lessons on your lunch break from a cafeteria.
How long does a lesson last?
You can book as many hours a week as you like. The minimum time for a lesson is 60 minutes. You can also book 90, 120 or 150 minutes for a single lesson.
Do I have to do my homework?
I always recommend some homework for you to do by the end of each lesson. However it is your decision whether to follow my recommendations or not. The researchers show that people who complete their homework progress much faster in comparison to those who do not do their homework at all. The lesson will progress regardless of whether the homework is done or not. We will always have something to practise or work on. Don't feel guilty about not doing your homework.
I can't speak English. Can we have lessons?
Yes. I am a CELTA and TESOL qualified English teacher for speakers of other languages. I am qualified to teach any level student regardless of their ability to speak or comprehend English. Your course plan depends on your level and what mistakes you make in English.
Do you have other questions that are not covered?
Please contact me by email at teacher@perf-edu.co.uk or on my Instagram @NoBadEnglish

If you have any questions or to find more advice follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

I`m always happy to help because my mission is to better your English.

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If you have any questions, please contact us through email teacher@perf-edu.co.uk